A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)

A⁴ Body Cream

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Intensively nourishing and moisturizing body cream

135,00 €   | 200ml

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· basic price (ml): 675,00 € pro l
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A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
A⁴ Body Cream (5492281835682)
The A⁴ Body Cream is a luxurious body care that provides your skin with rich nutrients and intensive moisture. The body cream, composed of plant-based ingredients such as argan oil, brown algae extract and shea butter and 100% plant-based argan stem cell extrac, gives your skin elasticity and a soft smoothness. The A⁴ Body Cream is suitable for all skin types.
  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • You should massage the body cream in daily with large circular movements.

  • For our A⁴ Body Cream we have developed an exciting combination of active ingredients based on natural products: 100% plant-based argan stem cell extract activates the cell metabolism deep in the connective tissue and promotes skin regeneration. For a tighter and improved skin density. Eco-certified argan oil with its spectacularly high content of vitamins A and E actively stimulates cell activity and its renewal. A selected active ingredient complex of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), brown algae and papaya extract stimulates cell metabolism, ensures a significant increase in skin moisture and promotes skin regeneration. NMF („Natural Moisturising Factor“), a mixture of various hydrating substances, provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture. A blend of amino acids, radical scavengers and peptides hydrates spendet Feuchtigkeit, aktiviert den Zellstoffwechsel und regt die Kollagenproduktion an. Handmade, unrefined and certified organic shea butter moisturizes, soothes and supports the skin's repair process. Coenzyme Q10 , a radical scavenger, helps prevent premature skin aging and wrinkling. The provitamin vitamin E acetate wirkt antioxidativ has an antioxidant effect and helps to increase the softness of the skin. Bio-Glycerin provides a pleasant feeling of well-being, making the skin supple and protecting it from dehydration and irritation A detailed overview of all ingredients can be found here.

  • The A⁴ Body cream is suitable for all skin types. We do without: paraffins silicones SLES/SLS vaseline parabens formaldehyde extracts Cosmetic analysis has evaluated the ingredients of A⁴ Body Cream with the quality seal "very good". For more information click here.

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