A⁴ Day Watch

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Anti-Aging Day Care with SPF 20

179,00 €   | 50ml

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A4 Day Watch is an anti-aging care plus daily UVA/ UVB protection against light-induced skin ageing (SPF 20). The day cream acts as a protective shield against premature light-induced skin ageing such as wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, loss of moisture and firmness. Especially in summer and in countries with intensive sun exposure, A4 Day Watch Day Cream helps to keep a fresh impression and protects the skin. An active ingredient combination of natural ingredients protects against damage caused by light, strengthens regeneration and supports the natural detoxification of skin cells. A4 Day Watch Day Cream is suitable for all skin types.

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  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • You should apply the day cream in the morning on the cleansed face and neck. Remember to apply the day cream regularly, especially after bathing and sports! For the evening we recommend the A⁴ Night Watch Night Cream.

  • The A⁴ Day Watch day care contains selected active ingredients on a natural basis and protects against sunlight with the sun protection factor 20 (SPF): Eco-certified argan oil helps to reduce wrinkles. Avocado oil from controlled organic cultivation is able to strengthen the skin's barrier function. Handmade, unrefined and certified organic shea butter supports the regeneration of the skin. An active ingredient combination of ferulic acid (from rice) carnolic acid (from rosemary extract) and a phosphate (from sugar beet) helps to protect the skin cells from light-induced damage. An antioxidant active ingredient system promotes 24-hour protection against free radicals by neutralizing them before they can damage the young skin cells. An extract of organically grown Swiss garden cress helps to stimulate the natural detoxification of the skin, block the formation of melanin and prevent colour changes. Eco-certified hyaluronic acid intensively moisturises the skin and prevents feelings of tension and itching on the skin. A detailed overview of all ingredients can be found here.

  • The A⁴ Day Watch is suitable for all skin types. We do without: paraffins silicones SLES/SLS vaseline parabens formaldehyde extracts Cosmetic analysis has evaluated the ingredients of A⁴ Day Watch with the quality seal "good". For more information click here.

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