A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)

A⁴ Night Watch Booster

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Anti-Aging Serum for the Night

132,00 €   | 20ml

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· basic price (ml): 6.600,00 € pro l
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A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)
A⁴ Night Watch Booster (5492289044642)

A⁴ NIGHT WATCH BOOSTER is a highly effective and fast active system for the night: The new, intelligent anti-aging booster works with an innovative Probiotic Technology Complex and 100% vegetable argan stem cell extract to transport the smoothing active ingredients exactly where the skin needs them - into the cells. The extraordinary thing about this combination of active ingredients is that it stimulates natural repair mechanisms and strengthens the skin's protective function.

  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • For intensive care, apply to face, neck and décolleté in the evening after cleansing and massage in gently. For an optimal result, apply the A⁴ NIGHT WATCH CREAM afterwards.

  • The most important ingredients of the perfectly balanced anti-aging formula are of plant-based origin for a sensationally fast working serum:

    • The Probiotic Technology Complex supports the production of essential proteins and enzymes that renew, revitalize and restore the radiance of your skin. Provided with such intensive moisture, the care booster not only counteracts the loss of cell energy, but also skin damage caused by UV radiation (photo aging). Irregularities are balanced out and your skin can again react to environmental influences with optimal cell function.
    • The new plant argan stem cell extract has a proven protective effect on dermal stem cells. It helps to activate the cell metabolism in the connective tissue, to delay skin ageing by protecting the skin stem cells and at the same time to promote regeneration.
    • Argan oil, the heart of A⁴ COSMETICS, cares for the deep layers and provides your skin with essential fatty acids and moisture.
    • Rose water, won from controlled organic cultivation of the Damascus rose, harmonizes and contributes to a fresh skin appearance.
    • Plant substances from Soya strengthen the collagen production and act like a natural rejuvenation booster.
    • Hyaluronic acid and panthenol (provitamin B5) promote moisture penetration and make the skin appear tighter. The beautiful result: the skin appears renewed and rejuvenated. The regenerative power of tired skin cells is awakened and your natural glow returns.
    A detailed overview of all ingredients can be found here.

  • The A⁴ Night Watch Booster is suitable for all skin types.

    We do without:

    • paraffins
    • silicones
    • SLES/SLS
    • vaseline
    • parabens
    • formaldehyde extracts

    Cosmetic analysis has rated the ingredients of the A⁴ Night Watch Booster with the quality seal "good".

    For more information click here.

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