Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)

A⁴ Cosmetics nutrition guide "SCHÖN ESSEN"

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Beautiful skin from the inside through the right diet. The A⁴ Cosmetics nutrition guide.

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Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)
Schön essen (5492289372322)

Our nutrition is crucial for many things: how we feel, how heavy or light we are, how healthy or unhealthy we go through life. It is therefore not surprising that nutrition also has an enormous influence on our largest organ, the skin. We know this knowledge above all in the negative range, if too much oily food results in skin impurities. However, the book "Schön essen" (eating beautifully) written by A⁴ founder Eva Steimeyer together with medical journalist and doctor Dr. Susanne Kammerer shows appropriate solutions for a healthy and skin-friendly nutrition.

While we look around in nature for active ingredients for our cosmetics, we often find them in foods that help the skin from the inside when environmental influences and aging processes gnaw at it. From the biological basics to recipes tailored to the skin type, the book "Schön essen" will give you lots of good advice on how you can promote beautiful skin from the inside with healthy food. Because beautiful skin cannot be achieved with cosmetics alone, many areas of life from the psyche to work to nutrition can contribute to a healthy and glowing skin. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

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