Impure skin requires special care, which cleanses clogged pores, clarifies the appearance of the skin and soothes inflammations. A⁴ COSMETICS offers special care products for the needs of impure skin - from the gently cleansing A⁴ Face Wash Mousse to the cleansing A⁴ Facial Tonic Cleanser to the skin-soothing A⁴ Perfect Balance Fluid with plant extracts of the Cleome flower and pure microsilver. In addition to the right care, you can also help your impure skin to achieve a natural balance with a healthy diet. Discover our tips for the care of impure skin!


Those who suffer from impure skin often have to struggle with pimples, redness and inflammations of the facial skin even after puberty. For some of those affected, this can become an immense burden - because the skin problems can hardly be concealed. So what to do?

In order to be able to take effective measures, it is first important to identify the triggers. Particularly frequent causes of impure skin are, for example:

  • Stress
  • unhealthy and/or unbalanced diet
  • too little sleep
  • Use of unsuitable care products and cosmetics
  • insufficient fluid intake
  • hormonal fluctuations (e.g. during the menstrual cycle or during the menopause)
Individually or in combination, these factors contribute to clogging the pores of the facial skin - formed sebum accumulates. If the affected areas also come into contact with bacteria, reddened, inflamed skin areas are the result.

If you want to do something about your skin problems, you should, if possible, do something about the causes that you can influence by yourself. Try to reduce stress, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea. The correct nutrition and care of impure skin are also crucial.


Those who fight against impurities should care for the skin from the outside, but also from the inside - with our Well Food concept.



Blemished skin requires special care that is both cleansing and clarifying as well as calming and balancing. A⁴ COSMETICS SKIN CARE therefore offers you innovative skin care and cleansing products with natural ingredients and active ingredients that are perfectly tailored to the problems of blemished skin - without paraffins, silicones, parabens or hormonally effective chemicals. This ensures that your skin receives exactly the care it needs: from facial cleansing to daily facial care and peeling.

  • Vitalizing daily facial cleansing: To remove make-up and impurities thoroughly but gently, we recommend the A⁴ Face Wash Mousse or the A⁴ Facial Tonic Cleanser. Plant extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect and contain antibacterial agents to free even clogged sebaceous glands. For example, betaine and aloe vera soothe the skin and bring it into its natural balance. In addition, argan leaf cell extract with its high content of vitamins A and E stimulates cell renewal and protects against free radicals. Your impure skin is deeply cleansed and at the same time cared for and soothed.
  • Peeling with deep-active enzyme cleansing: In addition to daily facial cleansing, skin prone to impurities benefits from peelings. The A⁴ Enzyme Peeling Powder contains argan fruit peels and activating enzymes that dissolve horny cells and impurities. In addition, cell renewal is promoted by the concentrated vitamins A and E contained in argan oil as well as by invigorating caffeine. Aloe vera has a calming effect and also provides the skin with moisture. This makes the skin look fresh, balanced and regenerated after a peeling.
  • Effective care for impure skin: Especially oily and combination skin tends quickly to impurities, inflammations and pimples. For this reason, a cream containing oil and fat should not be used. The A⁴ Perfect Balance Fluid contains plant extracts of the Cleome flower as well as pure microsilver. This special combination of active ingredients has a skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and clarifying effect - ideal for impure skin, so that the complexion becomes more balanced.
If measures such as appropriate care and a varied diet intermesh, you can effectively soothe impure skin - for beauty from inside and outside. Irregularities are soothed and your skin is optimally cared for.


Nutrition has a great influence on the appearance of the skin, as the skin is closely linked to the metabolism of the body. A healthy diet can help to calm irritated and impure skin and restore its balance. The following foods should therefore find their place on your diet:

  • Vegetables supply the body with important vitamins and carotenoids. Vitamin A and carotenoids are easier to absorb if you prepare vegetables such as peas, carrots, kale, Brussels sprouts or spinach with a little oil. Garlic and onions have an antibacterial and germ-inhibiting effect and have a healing effect, so that they are used in many old recipes against impure skin.
  • Like vegetables, fruit should be on the daily diet. Apricots and reticulated melons, for example, are also rich in carotenoids. For impure skin, berries such as acai berries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or black currants are particularly recommended, as they contain anti-inflammatory active ingredients.
  • Oils and fats should be avoided on impure skin - at least externally. From the inside, valuable cold-pressed oils such as argan oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil or linseed oil have a positive effect on the skin's cell metabolism due to their high vitamin A and vitamin E content. They also supply essential omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which strengthen the skin's natural protective function.
  • Fish, especially fatty varieties such as wild salmon, mackerel or sardines, contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and protect the skin from irritation.
  • Lean dairy products, especially low-fat curd cheese, low-fat yoghurt and whey, are easier to digest than the full-fledged alternatives and provide high-quality protein, calcium and vitamins that are important for the collagen formation of the skin.
  • Grain varieties such as amaranth, quinoa, oats and millet contain valuable silicic acid to stabilise the connective tissue and are therefore suitable as a sensible nutritional supplement for impure skin. In addition, these cereals also contain important minerals such as zinc, which is said to have a healing effect.
  • Spices and herbs such as rosemary and sage act from the inside against inflammations and also promote blood circulation. Essential oils can also be used externally for skin care. The same applies to green tea, which is rich in antioxidants and can promote healing. Turmeric is rich in the active ingredient curcumin, which is not only anti-inflammatory but also antimicrobial. Turmeric gives rice dishes or sauces a nice yellow colour or can be drunk as turmeric latte, also called "golden milk" - ideal for impure skin.
That's not enough for you yet? Discover in the A⁴ COSMETICS Well Food table further anti-inflammatory foods and important nutrients to calm and strengthen impure and irritated skin from the inside.

More information on the biological background, tips on nutrition for impure skin and tasty recipes can also be found in our A⁴ COSMETICS guide Well Food "Schön essen!".


Nutrition has a decisive influence on the appearance of our skin. We explain to you what you should pay attention to.