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true beauty comes from within

A⁴ IMPULSE® drinking ampoules

We have put all our A⁴ Derma expertise into the development of a product that follows the principle true beauty also comes from within. In order to look young and fresh, our skin needs, in addition to the right skin care, a sufficient amount of certain micronutrients.

For this reason we have developed a very special nutricosmetic - supported by nutritionists and dermatologists: A⁴ IMPULSE®. This beauty drink, which takes into account the latest scientific findings, is a high-quality food supplement which, in addition to skin-active vitamins, contains a unique combination of valuable ceramide and collagen peptides: A⁴ Cera Peptid Beauty Komplex®. In addition, A⁴ IMPULSE® also contains so-called fructooligosaccharides (FOS) - these are special dietary fibres of plant origin.


A carefully developed, holistic
an initial beauty concept

There are scientific studies available for collagen peptides as well as for ceramides, which impressively prove their positive effects on a beautiful skin appearance, even independently of each other. Collagen peptides unfold their effects primarily in the middle layer of the skin (dermis), ceramides, on the other hand, primarily in the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). In a team, the logical conclusion is that they must be unbeatable in achieving the universally desired "beauty effect" particularly effectively: smooth, firm skin - and preferably all over the body. Fewer wrinkles and therefore a younger appearance. It was precisely these considerations of our derma experts that led to the development of the holistically designed nutricosmetic A⁴ IMPULSE®.


The ceramides and collagen peptides contained in A⁴ IMPULSE® have a proven positive effect on the skin's appearance. Studies have shown that the specially developed collagen peptides can be used for a daily period of eight weeks

- increase the amount of collagen in the skin by up to 65 percent² and
- Wrinkles can be reduced by up to 50 percent.³

The high-quality plant-based ceramides in A⁴ IMPULSE® can be used in a variety of different ways after only eight weeks of use, according to a large-scale study.

- skin moisture by up to 35 percent and
- increase skin elasticity by up to 34 percent.⁴ 

Figure 1: (1) Bizot et al. 2017: Cosmetics: 4, 37; *Maximalwert, Durchschnitt 20 %, gemessen an Augenfalten

the A⁴ cera peptid beauty complex



At a young age, ceramides stretch over the middle layer of skin like a tight sail. They keep the skin moist, smooth and elastic. At a young age, the body produces ceramides itself in sufficient quantities, but production decreases over time. With A⁴ IMPULSE® you supply your body with ceramides and make a decisive contribution to a youthful, fresher appearance.


Fibrous-elastic strands of collagen, an important structural protein, form a kind of supporting framework in the middle layer of skin, the so-called dermis. This gives the skin structure and keeps it under tension. However, the formation of new collagen in the skin decreases with age - wrinkles are possible consequences. The A⁴ IMPULSE® drinking ampoules contain selected collagen peptides. Scientific studies have shown that these collagen peptides are particularly well absorbed by the body and can also reach deeper layers of the skin.


how wrinkles develop

In the course of our lives, we expose our skin to a wide variety of environmental influences that can demonstrably accelerate its ageing. When we are young, our sensitive epidermis still contains large amounts of ceramides - but their content decreases continuously with age. The consequences are well known: the skin becomes drier, loses elasticity and becomes increasingly flabby.

But what exactly happens?

The young skin: The ceramide-rich epidermis stretches like a sail over the collagen structure of the dermis, keeps the skin cells together, acts as a barrier to the outside and keeps the moisture in the underlying collagen structure.

From 30 years: The ceramide content decreases, the cohesion of the keratinocytes becomes looser, moisture penetrates to the outside, first wrinkles form. The collagen fibres loose moisture, become thinner, the structural framework visibly shrinks, the dermis loses its elasticity.

From 50 years: The Ceramide content continues to decrease, moisture loss increases and wrinkles become deeper. The collagen fibres dry out, become more fragile, the structure no longer has any supporting power, the skin becomes increasingly loose.

A⁴ IMPULSE® - for a firm and beautiful skin

drinking ampoules with ceramides

High quality food supplement.
Beauty drink with ceramides and collagen peptides. 28 drinking ampoules.

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A⁴ IMPULSE® and our nutrition guide "Schön essen" 
- a perfect combination

A healthy and balanced diet has a significant influence on our health. And our skin also benefits: many valuable nutrients are often hidden in foods that we might not have guessed at first glance.

Let yourself be inspired by all the carefully compiled recipe ideas in our Well Food guide "Schön essen"!


28 ampoules | 25ml


Eva Steinmeyer | Dr. Susanne Kammerer

99 €


High-quality nutrients for a radiant complexion

"It is a fact that with increasing age, certain substances, especially collagen and ceramides, can no longer be produced in the same quantities by the body . But this is no reason to despair, but in my opinion a reason for action: one can change the diet and consciously supplement substances that are important for a youthful-looking skin with suitable food supplements."

Eva Steinmeyer
founder A⁴ Health & Beauty

The secret of a beautiful skin

Look young and fresh even in old age - who wouldn't want that? Many factors play a role in maintaining the elasticity of the skin for years. Above all: Pay enough attention to your skin and spoil it. Every day. Again and again. High-quality care products such as those from A⁴ COSMETICS provide your skin with important micronutrients and provide it with moisture.
And don't forget: beautiful skin also comes from within! Therefore, add A⁴ IMPULSE® to your daily skin care program.

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¹ Reduction of wrinkles by 20% in more than 68% of the test persons (men and women over 50), after eight weeks of application. Measured in the area around the eyes in the temple/transitional cheek area. Ockenfels HM 2020: ärztliches Journal reise & medizin dermatologie 4 37
² Proksch et al. 2014: Skin Pharmacol Physiol: 27 47-55, 113-119 (for collagen peptides)
³ Schunk et al. 2015: Journal of Medicinal Food: 18 (12) 1340 –1348 (Maximum value, average 20 %, measured at eye wrinkles)
⁴ Bizot et al. 2017: Cosmetics: 4, 37 (for ceramides)