Mature skin makes high demands on its care: it needs a lot of moisture and its vitality and elasticity must be strengthened as well as its natural regeneration mechanisms. Find the right care for mature skin over 50 at A⁴ COSMETICS and find out how mature skin can benefit from the right nutrition.


To give mature skin a radiant and vital appearance, A⁴ COSMETICS offers you the right active ingredient cosmetics, from body care to highly effective serums and concentrates to relaxing care oils.

Day care: Looking for a good facial cream for mature skin? For the daily care of face and neck, we recommend the vitalising A⁴ Face Cream, which contains moisturising argan oil and avocado oil as well as pure plant argan stem cell extract. This stimulates the skin's own cell renewal down to deeper skin layers and tightens the connective tissue - ideal for the care of mature skin over 50. To prevent premature skin aging due to UV radiation, the anti-aging day care A⁴ Day Watch with sun protection factor 20 can also be used during the day.

Night care: In order to support the natural regeneration of mature skin overnight, the anti-aging night cream A⁴ Night Watch contains argan oil, plant extracts from green tea, the Persian silk tree and organic peptides to reduce signs of exhaustion - highly effective for the care of mature skin from the age of 50 plus.

Special care for mature skin: The A⁴ Face Serum is a high-dose anti-aging serum with plant active ingredients such as millet silicon, oak tannins, algae and papaya extracts as well as aminopeptides and tetrapeptides to significantly tighten the skin and promote its elasticity. The A⁴ Magic Elixir is also a highly effective anti-aging gel and uses the latest findings of argan research for a profound rejuvenation of your skin. The elixir contains up to 100 percent plant extract from argan stem cells, which can visibly reduce wrinkles. In addition to the daily application of good facial creams for mature skin, you should regularly pamper your skin with a special care mask such as the A⁴ Triple Sensation Mask with triple anti-aging effect - for a significantly fresher and firmer skin.

A⁴ COSMETICS deliberately avoids paraffins, silicones, parabens and other hormonally effective chemicals. Instead, A⁴ COSMETICS relies on natural ingredients and active ingredients to help mature skin regain its vitality and freshness. The A⁴ IMPULSE® beauty drink with valuable ceramides and collagen peptides is recommended as a supplement for harmless, natural skin care from the inside. Convince yourself and find the right care for mature skin over 50!


A healthy and individually balanced diet can have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. We will show you how it works!



In addition to good facial creams for mature skin and individually tailored care, a balanced and healthy diet also visibly increases well-being. Mature skin in particular benefits from healthy food:

Many cereals and cereal products made from oats, millet and barley contain valuable silicic acid, which has a stabilising effect on connective tissue. Potatoes are also rich in silicic acid - especially under the skin. You should therefore eat potatoes with their peel on.

Many types of fruit and vegetables such as avocado, blueberries, kale, carrots, kiwi, spinach and tomatoes not only contain numerous vitamins and fibre, but also protect against free radicals. A tip: carotenoids and vitamin A can be more easily absorbed by the body if you prepare vegetables with a little oil.

Cold pressed oils such as argan oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil or wheat germ oil provide not only vitamins E and A but also essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (a component of cold-pressed oils), such as linoleic acid, play an important role in protecting the skin. Argan oil is particularly valuable for mature skin and has a cell rejuvenating effect. Argan oil is therefore an important component of A⁴ active ingredient cosmetics and highly effective for the care of mature skin over 50.

Fish and meat: Even fatty fish such as wild salmon, mackerel or sardines contain valuable omega-3 fatty acids and protect the skin from collagen degradation. Lean poultry meat, veal and beef as well as eggs provide not only proteins (main component of the skin) but also important amino acids which are required for the production of collagen.

In addition to vitamins and calcium, dairy products also contain high-quality protein, which also protects against collagen degradation.

More information about the right nutrition for mature skin and the appropriate care as well as further useful advice can be found in the book "SCHÖNE HAUT VON INNEN DURCH RICHTIGE ERNÄHRUNG" (Beautiful Skin from Inside Through Proper Nutrition).

You will also find valuable foods for mature skin and helpful nutrition tips in the A⁴ COSMETICS Anti-Aging-Foods table:


What influence do carbohydrates, proteins or fats have on the skin and what is particularly important?