A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)

A⁴ Magic Elixir

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Highly effective anti-aging gel for deep rejuvenation

115,00 €   | 20ml

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· basic price (ml): 5.750,00 € pro l
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A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)
A⁴ Magic Elixir (5492278984866)

A⁴ Magic Elixir is a highly effective anti-aging facial gel from Argan Research 2.0 for the profound rejuvenation of your skin. It is not magic, but it feels like it. The Elixir contains 100% plant argan stem cell extract, which helps to activate cell metabolism in the connective tissue, protect the skin cells and thus delay skin ageing. The skin looks youthfully fresh and taut for longer, the reduction of wrinkles and increased skin density are supported.

  • Application
  • Main ingredients
  • Skin tolerance
  • The A⁴ Magic Elixir gel should be applied 1-2x daily after cleansing face, neck and décolleté. Then you can apply the usual care products. The A⁴ Magic Elixir is ideal for a 30-day intensive cure. This facial gel is the right choice for every skin type.

  • Give nature the opportunity to unfold all its magic. The precious face gel Magic Elixir contains the following active ingredients:

    The highly concentrated care with natural rose water contains the first cosmetic plant active ingredient which helps to activate the vitality of the dermal skin cells and to preserve their cellular properties.

    The effect is enhanced by special high-dose transmitter peptides, which are able to support the activation of the skin's own repair processes.

    Plant oligosaccharides help to improve the skin's relief, smooth wrinkles and thus give the skin new elasticity and firmness.

    A skin ticle lipid concentrate provides the skin with more moisture and increases the protection of the skin.

    An active ingredient complex of long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid promotes moisture penetration into the skin and helps to reduce irritations caused by environmental influences.

    Panthenol (provitamin B5) has an anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.

    A detailed overview of all ingredients can be found here.

  • The A⁴ Magic Elixir is suitable for all skin types.

    We do without:

    • paraffins
    • silicones
    • SLES/SLS
    • vaseline
    • parabens
    • formaldehyde extracts

    Cosmetic analysis has evaluated the ingredients of A⁴ Magic Elixir with the quality seal "good".

    For more information click here.

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